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Born in the 90’s, studied Graphic Design and Media in College, graduated in Web Design. Currently Data Visualisation Executive, working with leading Brands providing reports for Digital Advertising. Part-Time Web Designer, Photoshopper and Crafter

Industry Qualifications: IPA Foundation and Search Certificate, Google Adwords Fundamentals and Search Advertising, Google Analytics IQ Exam.

Currently Studying: Google Squared Online

Online courses: So you wanna learn something new?

So you want to learn something new?  Getting a new skill through online courses is the easiest way to make it to the top in your career or even start a new career! From Coding to photography, or a new language to yoga, the world is your oyster.  I love taking a new... read more
Its time to get on with…Stuff

Its time to get on with…Stuff

Over the last weekend, I had a massive tidy up and I decided it was time to have a massive sort out in my website/design life. From today, I am making time to improve myself online. Each week spend some time making something in Photoshop, whether it be a text graphic,... read more
Ahh, a new design

Ahh, a new design

After nearly 2 years with the last design, and the social integration breaking I thought it was time for a refresh.   and the rest of my post has disappeared :/ read more

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