I am a keen crafter! ..there I said it. For many years I was a dreamer about having my own business, and yet at just 24 I have a Business.  So let me just say Stop dreaming – Jump … For over year I have run (I want to call it ‘small’) shop, but I have had over 400 sales now…so maybe not as small as I thought.  I started making Nail Decals, then felt decorations, Greeting Cards, Fimo Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery…who knows what is next.  Maybe I should stop expanding.

This article is totally going to be about my experience I had this weekend, which it is.  But I have just been thinking I jumped a year ago when I decided to open my etsy shop, and the jump I am going to write a bit is probably smaller.

I think it was maybe April or May, I started wanting to do a craft fair, but where should I start?  I went on a few websites to see what was close and chickened out a bit.  I wasn’t sure if I could get enough stuff together, or if people in the real world would like my stuff anyway.  My shop is on etsy, so I did a bit of a search for local teams, joined a few including Ideas Birmingham.  Yes, I am not in Birmingham but its only a short drive/train away, and lets face it maybe I didn’t want my first fair in the area someone could see me?

Stop Dreaming – Jump

It was announced that they would be doing a Christmas Market in Birmingham, being as this is an etsy fair, I thought I would sign up, I thought stop dreaming – Jump.  To As everything would be organised and I knew there would be a lot of advertisement.  That being said I did a lot of advertisement myself in the run up and in the weeks in the run up I was making cards and decorations like made after work and at the weekend.

The day finally came..

People started arriving before the event opened, and I had made my first sale before midway through setting up.

My Cards Me and My Stall jewellery tree Polymer Clay Earrings

I was sat between to stalls that had quite high value products, which did make me feel more confident with what I had, because I had many more customers have interest and laughing at my products (I had ‘abusive’ Christmas cards, which had a lot of interest).

Children recognised my animal and food earring/decorations (which for me felt good) for someone young to make the connection means they are recognizable.  Customers were also looking at things are trying to think if they could buy them for their family and friends.

I enjoyed the day so much, that I signed up to do another fair this weekend, different town.  But hopefully just as busy and as much interest.

I encourage anyone that wants to do something different, to stop dreaming – Jump.  What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Who cares what people think!

  • If its enterprising people will praise you, and possibly see another side of you
  • If its unique, express yourself, get out there, it could be a winner
  • If you need money to start off, start small, research into small business loans
  • If its something that you are passionate nothing should stop you.

What are you dreaming of? What do you need to Jump?

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