So you want to learn something new?  Getting a new skill through online courses is the easiest way to make it to the top in your career or even start a new career! From Coding to photography, or a new language to yoga, the world is your oyster.  I love taking a new course in something new, or something that I love, it helps me, my clients and my website progress and be better.

Online Courses and Training

Learn a new Skill

The following websites are a couple of my favourites to learn a new skill. Most of these give free courses or trials, before you jump in and purchase something. All of them feature videos or step-by-step guides or even workspace for you to follow along on. Udemy features 1,000’s of videos from professionals around the world, on every subject you can imagine from the basic of photoshop to writing and marketing.  There is something for everyone and alot of them are free or very affordable. I like udemy, because i can find really random courses, and there is always a good course to try for free. Teamtreehouse, also features videos, but also workspaces so that you can create code as you follow along. The website started with html, however now they have grown to educate on business, mobile development and many other langauages. This website was one of my favourites through university, as it has a nice design and easy to navigate. I feel that Lynda is more for the academics and corporates, you pay monthly (or your university/company does) and you get access to 1000’s of videos on a range of subjects including music, Video, Photography and Photoshop. The videos are not as widespread as Udemy, although these videos are more trustworthy. Finally, Tutsplus offers free courses and a paid version to few courses on Web design, Photography, Crafts, Business.  The website has a more blog feel, and is one of my favourites for the quality of the tutorials, I found alot of my photoshop tutorials here. The website is updated by a team of editors and also features guest courses from leading professionals.

UdemyTeamTreehouse | Lynda | Tutsplus

Learn to Code

Learning code is starting to be one of the biggest marketable skill you can have. There is alot of online websites out there where you can pick up a few skills (see the above websites). There is also CodeAcademy, which I have been recently testing out. The websites takes you through the steps of making websites and then in workspace you put your new skills to use on real-world examples.


Learn a Language

Learning a language is probably one of the biggest ambitions people have, even if when you go to Turkey, everything they want to sell you is ‘Asda Price’.  Duolingo is a free website and app, where you can learn a range of languages. You get tested on writing, speaking and reading and you keep getting tested on what you have previously learnt (so you don’t forget). They have categories of phrases including flirting, pets and food, so you are prepared for all eventualities.


Learn Excel

This website has loads of free tutorials so you can excel in excel. I know a lot of industry professionals, that use this website and its forums to create dashboards for the real world. The design is basic but it is packed with everything you would need.


Start 1 of many Online Courses

Why not start an online course from industry professionals and accredited by leading universities. You do the course completely online and you can take an exam at the end for a certificate of attainment. There is alot of subjects to choose from including health and fitness, psychology and Sciences. I am currently learning about the ‘Secret Power of Brands’ on FutureLearn, which is with english university UEA. But have a google for ‘mooc’ courses you might find something else.


Learn to Draw

Everyone wants to draw don’t they? From eyes to detailed dogs, drawspace is for you. There are free and paid videos to learn everything on, there is ebooks and classrooms too.


Learn Yoga

My current obsession is Yoga, once a week at work during lunchtime we have a yoga hour with an instructor. It really relaxes me (sometimes too much) but also it can be a real body burner and increases flexibility.

YogaTailer | YogaGlo | YoMe



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