Web Designer, Blogger, Crafter

....and full-on Chocolate Lover

Born in the 90’s, studied Graphic Design and Media in College, graduated in Web Design. Currently Data Visualisation Executive, working with leading Brands providing reports for Digital Advertising. Part-Time Web Designer, Photoshopper and Crafter

Industry Qualifications: IPA Foundation and Search Certificate, Google Adwords Fundamentals and Search Advertising, Google Analytics IQ Exam.

Currently Studying: Google Squared Online

Stop Dreaming – Jump and get out of you Comfort Zone

I am a keen crafter! ..there I said it. For many years I was a dreamer about having my own business, and yet at just 24 I have a Business.  So let me just say Stop dreaming - Jump ... For over year I have run (I want to call it 'small') shop, but I have had over 400...

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What I learnt at University

What I learnt at university? Not much, it feels like. I am pretty sure I learnt alot more and had more experiences outside of the studying. It sounds weird to say that I started this time six years ago and it has been just over 2 years since I have left. That make me...

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31 Days of Photoshop

On the 1st August I will be going to start a big photoshop challenge for me! 31 Days of Photoshop, throughout the month of August I have always wanted to do a 'days' challenge. I'm a little scared as knowing me I will forget a day, or not...

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